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We Help State And Local Government Leaders Get Results With Agility

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Get Focused

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Engage Your Staff

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Align On Priorities

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Deliver Measurable Results

Developing a Culture of Agility isn’t easy
but it’s worth it!

Together, we can tackle even the toughest barriers to change.

  • X Cross Out Mindsets are stuck in tradition
  • X Cross Out Silos won’t budge
  • X Cross Out Politics get in the way
  • X Cross Out Staff are overworked and stressed
  • X Cross Out Budgets are tight
  • X Cross Out Regulations are rigid

We help forward thinking government leaders get focused, create alignment and engage their teams in delivering measurable results.

Working with us is

  • 1 Schedule a session with our experienced coaches
  • 2 Clarify your goals and success measures
  • 3 Experience quick results with your first experiment, using our proven approach
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Unlock Your Team's Potential To:

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Focus On What Is Important

Adapt To Change

Deliver Quickly And Predictably

Learn More About Our Unique Experience

  • Served in many roles, including Business Analyst, Product Owner, Supervisor, Project | Program Manager, and Bureau Chief
  • Implemented Agile and Lean with automation and business teams
  • Partnered with other state agencies, community and federal partners, vendors and the Legislature in modernizing operations and agile delivery
  • Delivered large, complex and risky modernization and transformation projects, exceeding expectations
  • Aligned executive leadership teams on priorities and planned across silos
  • Increased staff engagement and turned around performance, moving from program sanctions to receiving bonuses
  • Worked with leaders in Policy, Training, Operations, HR, Compliance, Information Technology and Reporting
  • Provided agile coaching in a variety of domains, including Health and Human Services, Courts, Education, Information Technology, the State Department, SSA and the DC Office of the Inspector General

How We Partner With You

We "teach you to fish" and grow leaders in your organization

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We take a practical approach; flexible and tailored to your needs

We start small and deliver results quickly

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